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October 9, 2012

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I’m late with certain things in life…. I  never wanted a driver’s liscense. Nor did I fancy a cell phone, a home computer, an iPod, iPad or a smartphone. Of course I have them all. And sometimes – getting new things –  means you have to part with things. I have been the owner of a Filofax for many years, it’s leather bound. It has been the inventory of my cycle bag for years and years, thus it looks nice and worn – the good thing about real leather!

A while ago I realised I was the only person in meetings with an old fashioned diary. When new meetings were planned, everybody went svosh on their smartphones and could instantly confirm if they were available or not. Whereas I sat with my nose in my leather bound diary, mumbling someting about it not being updated. Or being terribly funny: Filofax and Outlook are not compatible and thus do not synchronize…

Then I started to attend meetings with my diary AND my smartphone – for some peculiar reason. And my note book – , and the coffe mug. And what more do you bring to meetings? Perhaps a yellow folder with appropriate papers. I felt loaded…. The Filofax was never in use, and suddenly one day it was left at my work place when I went of rmeetings. And what’s more, one day it was left at home.

I use it for keeping  record of all the books I read, I keep track of birthdays (yes, could be transferred to the phone I know), and I keep track of all the Christmas cards I send and the Christmas presents I buy. No way am I going to fit this into my phone.

Now I have a leather bound smartphone case…. Well, not one but three covers (shame shame) and one of them terribly expensive realtive to the small size. Two for ordinary  use and one for travel. Just because I couldn’t decide, and since these things wear & tear very slowly I have to stick to my Sony for yet quite a few years…


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