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About Benjamuna: November 5, 2009

A «she» from Stavanger, Norway. Fond of words, of literature and of India!


7 Responses to “About Benjamuna:”

  1. Ram Says:

    Half Indian………..This time

    Indian……………next life

  2. Prem Says:

    Nice to know that you are enjoying the India trip.
    Offcource you be looking beautifull in red saaree, and you will be cetre of attraction in the party..
    Have a great time and Enjoy

  3. Anne Marie Says:

    Det er veldig som dere fester, det er vel både slitsomt og artig.
    Takk for flotte bilder, kjører de ut til pappa. Får vi ikke snart et bilde av Asbjørn? I natt er det kommet fem cm sne.
    Venter på Mari, hun skal komme å pusse sølv for meg, hun vil gjerne tjene penger.

  4. RasBeads Says:
    Semi precious stone beads, bracelets and necklaces! Handmade jewellery – ready to wear Genuine gemstones in the finest quality…

  5. Prem Says:

    Hi Anne,
    I hope you are enjoying you UK trip about learning bid’s jwellary, I am fine and enjoying stay in India with family, I alwase remember you both.

  6. Shruti Mehta Says:

    Hi. I wanted to use one of the images clicked by you for a collage. Please let me know a number/email id where I can get in touch asap.

  7. Mihoko Kondo Says:

    Hi Anne. Happy New Year. Your Indian trip site is really great. No wonder you are fascinated by India.

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