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Cornish flowers…. August 7, 2012

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Looking back on my photos this summer, I don’t see much variation…. Flowers, and more flowers. A trip to Cornwall in early July gave me plenty of photo opportunities. The small town Fowey was full of flowers; hanging baskets and all sorts of other containers full of various annuals in beautiful combinations. Everything so well composed and well maintained.

We also visited some public gardens and were lucky that the Foxgloves were at their best. For the most part we saw the dark pink ones, extremely decorative against the green and lush grass. The Foxgloves are more or less everywhere but not often in our gardens together with the other perennials. But they are so elegant; and span from from the dark pink to the beautiful, innocent white….

Another pink beauty set against a green “wall”:

Poppies have always been a favourite and I was extremely happy when I found these stunning examples in Pineteum Park. When the fragile petals leave the flower, the magnificent seedcapsule appears…. Look at this one; the colour of the petals really matches the seedcapsule! It’s a wonder….

And talking about the pinks and the mauves…. On our daily walk in Fowey we passed these beautiful Marguerites set against a back cloth of yellow… I wanted a special photo, but it was close to the shore and windy. The flowers were swaying, hardly a moment’s peace. But I made it in the end, after a million shots and among them half a million not that sharp….

The Common Yarrow is a wild flower. Years ago, when I was drying flowers I was always searching the road side ditches for the pink one,  but mostly found the white one. But the Yarrow is also a perennial and I saw this beautiful specimen in the nursery of Pinetum Park garden. Nice and yellow!

But back to the pink department…. I was sorry to realise that the Peons were gone, until I found this one. The only one to have survived the bad weather in the area.

The Hortensia was absolutely everywhere, in many many shades. Back home we often see the blue and we think it looks kind of artificial, at least I do. But look at it, real close. Another wonder…. and Cornwall was full of them!

Lobelia was the first annual I took a liking to. For years and years we had one variety at our garden centers; the dark blue. A few years ago came the pink one, these days we have many more blues and more pinks…. But the one below was new to me, I saw it in Polruan outside a private house. So simple – so beautiful!

I have no idea what this is…. but it’s a blue, true beauty in Headland Garden, Polruan….