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Elephant arrived………. January 18, 2010

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Finally, The Elephant is among us! It arrived on Friday, as promised by UPS. I was able to follow its journey from Mumbai to Frankfurt, via some – to me – unknown cities in Germany, Copenhagen, Malmø, Oslo and finally Stavanger. But, sadly, some damages were there.  Anyway, nothing that couldn’t be fixed, I estmated! So I invited my friends Ram and Prem for an inspection, and they went to work with a determined attitude. And yes, elephant is as good as new. or as good as old…. And again very beautiful! (But I ill have to make a complaint about the way of packing…..)

Seriously wounded - broken tooth!

Hammer was needed to get the left foot back to normal...


One Response to “Elephant arrived……….”

  1. Anne Says:

    Gudskjelov!!! Jeg var begynt å bli bekymret. Ikke lett å være “lost” elefant i Euroa i disse polar tider. Velkommen hjem og gratulerer med nyanskaffelsen. Gleder meg til å sitte på den.

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