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Elephant on my mind…. December 18, 2009

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I still don’t understand how I was able to see it, under three cushions and a hanging carpet. But a flap of it caught my attention: a wooden elephant.

We entered Mumbai Bazaar, Arthur Bunder Road in Colaba, knowing that this shop would probably sell what all other shops in this area sell; shawls, scarfs, carpets, a little bit of that – a little bit of that… But not all shops has two handsome shopkeepers as well…. Anyway, Mumbai Bazaar really had a lot to offer – even a tiny, tiny t-shirt with an embroidered elephant (guess for who…). But then there was this bigger one upstairs….

When we were about to leave, I had to bring it on the agenda. Material (rose tree). Cost (too too much). Transportation to Norway (not a problem). The elephant was relieved from its cushions and proved better than I thought. The shop assistants tried to get us into a discussion about price, but I said: Let it be till we come back fromPench (And under no circumstances sell it….). We will be back!

We came back, but went straight downstairs to have a look at some boxes Bjørg wanted to buy. Suddenly we heard some hullabaloo and two young men came actually downstairs – breathing heavily -with my heavy rosewood elephant. Asbjørn found it the right moment to sit down. I started talking about the price. Javeed came with a calculator. Asbjørn had to translate numbers, we had moved to dollars. Javeed could see that I was moving towards a transaction! And….SOLD!
Well that was after he had convinced me that the price included everything; transportation and VAT. Delivered on my doorstep! By FedEx.

The situation is as such: A box had to be built, Javed informed me by e-mail. And I have to be at home, which is not the case next week.

I’ll keep you posted………….


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