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Rohan’s wedding December 2, 2009

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Rohan’s wedding ceremony was set for 5.58 pm in Andheri. We had ordered a car and thought we had all the time in the world, but of course there happend to be a closed road so we didn’t make it to the exact time. Not that that matters, because an Indian wedding is very far from a Norwegian one. The ceremony itself takes place on a stage and seems to be a matter for the bride and groom and close family. Lots of things are going on, far beyond our understanding. The guests either sit down and watch, chat or mingle. More people come all the time – and the ceremony goes on. After approx one hour, Rohan and Gargi seem to be married!

While we all wait for them to change their clothes, we go down to floors to have some food. The usual buffet. My flock enjoys the food very much, I’m as usual a bit more reluctant. I meet some colleagues from Aker Solutions, nd then it’s time to go up one floor where the newleyweds have placed themselves on yet another stage where they greet their guests and a million photos are taken! Rohan is now wearing a Western suit and Gargi a fabulous saree. I jump the queue and ask for a photo….

All the women are nicely dressed, but the men are wearing everyday clothes; trousers and a shirt. Makes no sense really, to us.
All in all an Indian wedding is absolutely nothing like a Norwegian wedding, but who had thought that…. This is more informal in many ways, you’re not “chained to a table” for hours – like in Norwegian weddings.

My new designer outfit - a kurta, churidar and a dupatta. And sandals Rajastan type....

Asbjørn, og en av mine kolleger i Stavanger; Zafar.


2 Responses to “Rohan’s wedding”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    Tusen takk for bryllupsrapport og bileder, du var veldig fin, og takk for bilede av Asbjørn. Vi har det bra, Her er det litt sne og litt glatt. Vi har kjøpt de fleste julegavene, heldig vis. Håper alle dere har det bra. Hils.

  2. Ram Says:

    O’ dear you looks beautiful………………
    I am happy that you are enjoying every moment……


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