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Another busy day in Mumbai…. November 27, 2009

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For today we had ordered a car with a driver. We had certain things to do! First we went north to Khar (suburb) to visit Jharna’s shop; Fashions. I visited her the last time I came to Mumbai. Her mother is a designer, and they run a shop with her clothes. I wanted to get myself a kurta, trousers + a dupatta of her design + see what other things she had to sell. It was nice to see Jharna again, and to meet her mother. I didn’t leave empty handed. And tomorrow my new outfit will be ready stitched!

Then we went onwards to a shop that sell fabrics. It was like a fairy tale. The colors of India lined on the shelves in abundance. Beauty itself. Asbjørn’s sister Bjørg makes christening dresses for babies, and couldnt belive the huge selection af fabrics – to such a price. More bags in the car….

Further on the the Dhobi gats, the world’s biggest outdoor laundry. The thing here is to keep all the poor vendors away, you feel their hands all over all the time. – Only 100 rupies madam, two bags Madam, only 100 rupies…. please…

We were hungry and we wanted to find a Pizza Hut in order to grab a quick meal. But there is never a Pizza Hut when you need one. Just like a toilet… But a SubWay came into rescue!

Next on the agenda was the house where Gandhi used to live when he was visiting Mumbai. It has been turned into a museum. Nice, but at that time I was dead tired and a chair seemed like the best solution. Gandhi or not. But I did see some of it.

In between all this was a LOT of driving……………………………

I wanted to go to Chimanlals, a well known paper shop. It’s a dream world and a price level quite unbelieveable. I filled a plastic bag with paper, cards and more, not at all able to reach 100 kroner…
Last on the agenda was a new step counter for Asbjørn, and would you believe we found it in a sports shop. I don’t believe step counters are a big thing in India, at least according to our friends.

We were back at 5 30 pm sharp, as planned. We had a big A/C car and a driver for eight hrs, and paid 210 kroner. That is quite unbelieveable…. On top of it the driver was nice and polite, he told  us about the main sights and did his best to take us from A till B in a smooth way!

Back at the hotel all five of us collapsed on our beds…. Going around in Mumbai must be one of the most exhausting things one can do. But that I knew.

Tomorrow is a new day and our plan is to visit Joan in her new house – which means a lot of time spent in the car as she lives up north in Mumbai, in Borivali. Right now I dread to think about it, but a good night’s sleep and courage might be back!!


2 Responses to “Another busy day in Mumbai….”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    Du verden for en bursdag, tusen takk for fyldige rapporter og fine bileder

  2. mumbaikaar Says:

    Before you start you could check and get the list of pizza huts closest to where you were going . I think the closest to khar is the juhu pizza hut. There are other pizza places at linking road

    hope you have a a great trip

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