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Pune revisited…. November 25, 2009

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Tuesday was another day with Childrens Future India and Sandeep. We were, among other things, to meet with our sponsored child Vrushali (10) – actually for the third time in three years. Her mum is a widow with two daughters and a foster child + her mother in the house. Well house, a sort of shed of approx 15 sq m. We we re taken ro one of CFI’s soup kitchens, where needy children get one hot meal pr day. It was good to see the family. Last year we gave them money to get a new roof and other maintenance on the house and we were glad to see that they house looked better. We took Vrushali and her mother, along with the social workers to a hotel for lunch – which was a really big thing for them. Afterwards we took Vrushali to a department store in order to buy her a new dress, and we also went to the Pune Fort. She probably had the day of her life, so far, coming from the slums and not really able to get anywhere.

In the evening everybody just longed for the bed. We had thought it wouild be a day without so much driving, still it was a lot of in and out of the car. Also we were ready for a different taste, so Pizza Hut was the sole option after a full Indian meal and several Kingfiskers the evening before….


One Response to “Pune revisited….”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    Takk for det, så håper vi at turen hjem går bra. Det høres ut som du har fornyet garderoben litt, det blir jo artig å se.
    Hils Asbjørn, pappa hilser.

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