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The ring ceremony and me in a saree.. November 23, 2009

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This might be a very busy holiday, although it cant be worse than Delhi ++ in Feb?!!? Yesterday was a rat race in Mumbai. Some sightseeing with Sandeep from Childrens Future India CFI in the morning (Juhu Beach, Bandra). Then head over heels to Mansi’s place in the afternoon. Of course one must allow 60-70 minutes for transport which makes every outing a small expedition.

The small flat was filled to the brim with mothers and fathers, grandparents, uncle, aunts – the usual Indian crowd. I left my flock in the sofa and headed for the women’s room where Mansi was in the middle of her make up and hair sesson. When she was all finished and dressed up she looked…. stunning! Myself, well I was dressed up by the grandmother, and the sari felt comfortable in the way a BUNAD feels comfy and just right for every occasion. Even more so, because most of the time the bunad makes you suffocate whereas the saree hangs loose around the boody and makes you breathe freely 🙂

The ceremony, the engagement party of Mansi and Kirang was an interesting experience. We met a lot of great people, among them Mansi’s mother and aunts, and some of my colleagues in Aker Solutions, Gaute among them.

But we were dead tired from the journey and lack of sleep made me call for our car at 9 30 pm. We drove over the new Worli Sea link, an impressive brand new bridge over the waters. Actually it took less than an hour to get home to, well, put on the alarm bell at 06 45 the nxt morning. Hello holiday!


2 Responses to “The ring ceremony and me in a saree..”

  1. Mandar Says:

    Blog is running with pace !!!! Seems totally different experience for you in indian attire. Was it a surprise for ur closed ones to see u in indian attire? Will wait for photos.. Mandar

  2. Anne Braaten Says:

    Akkurat kommet hjem fra fjellet, stille, ganske mye sne og passe kalt. Kontrast til deg og India og alt du skriver om.Du var sikkert vidunderlig i sari, vi fÄr vel se bilder. Jeg fÄr litt ÄndenÞd nÄr jeg leser bloggen din, godt du er pÄ rett side av 50 !!!! Varme hilsener fra et regnvÄtt Arendal, men nÄ kommer det opp en mÄnesigd sÄ det er hÄp for morgendagen.

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