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Short-sighted luggage… November 21, 2009

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Do you know what it takes to be “short sighted extreme” when packing for holiday? One pair of contacts goes on my eyes, and one extra pair in that silly plastic bag in your hand luggage – along with contact lens solutions travel pack size cordially given me by the optician.  On top of that, approximately 20 pairs of day lenses in the luggage, for which ever reason because I never use day lenses. Well. That was the contacts. Over to the glasses. One pair of glasses that can step in for contacts in a crisis situation. Also known as my “from bathroom to bed-glasses”. Or “sleeping on the plane-glasses”. One pair of reading glasses needed on top of contacts, for reading. One pair of glasses needed for reading without contacts… Got it? Oh, and at least two pairs of sun glasses which will probably mutate in India. And the suitcase contains of course more and extra contacts solutions… I think I’m sure to see this time as well!


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