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Coming closer…. November 16, 2009

Filed under: INDIA — benjamuna @ 6:52 pm

Four days to go, and the only thing I can think about is this damn swine flu…I have even found an Indian web page with swine flu updates. As if it matters…But the world has become paranoid, and it’s catching.
Suitcases have found their way up from the basement, but I hate packing. Gifts and cards are ready. Joan’s smoked salmon in the fridge.
And the lists… I have been making lists for weeks now. On top of The List: Make lists. Well yes, that particular list came first. Then came the gift list. The pharmacy (!) list. The “general shopping” list. The “should buy Christmas gifts for in India” list. The “important to rememeber before you go-list” (since it will be close to Christmas when we get back). The “stop the newspaper and the mail-list”. The “which books to buy in India-list…” Fortunately I have started to rule out items, instead of adding new lists to the main list!
Tomorrow, high on my mental list: Start packing!


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